On the birth of Apple’s iPhone (just 10 years ago)…

(Nokia e90 Communicator/May 2007 vs Blackberry Q/ April 2007 vs iPhone/ June 2007)

Apple’s iPhone was born on 29 June 2007, just a decade ago. Today, we all know that Apple’s iPhone was a true game changer, selling more than 1bn to date and making Apple the most valuable company in the process. No-one expected this. I still remember how surprised we all were when Apple launched its first iPhone. Why did Apple as a computer company think that they could compete in the tough mobile phone market dominated by Nokia (and a few other barely profitable handset producers)?

Apple succeeded because they had the vision for a handset being much more than a mobile phone. In fact, what we call a “smartphone” today is a worse mobile phone than most phones back in 2007 (just think of voice quality or battery life), but it has changed practically every aspect of the way we live: how we communicate; access and share information; work and experience life; take & use photos or videos; share our experiences, ideas & moods; listen to music, watch movies or play games; book our holidays; buy or sell anything (… you get the idea).

The visionary behind all of this was Steve Jobs, of course, and I came across this excellent excerpt of a book on the launch of the iPhone (aptly called “The One Device”) published to mark the event: https://www.theverge.com/2017/6/13/15782200/one-device-secret-history-iphone-brian-merchant-book-excerpt.


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